Saturday, 20 September 2008

Sherlock Holmes Strikes Again

Hmm... apparently the Senior Leadership Team are 'concerned' about the falling Religious Studies GCSE results over the last five years. This wouldn't by any chance be the same Senior Leadership Team that has reduced RE's teaching hours by 36% over exactly the same period? I wonder how other examined subjects in the school have coped when their teaching time has been cut by 36%...What you mean to say no other subject has had their teaching time cut like that? Really? If reducing my teaching time by 36% did not have an impact on GCSE results, frankly, I really would be worried.


Rich said...

I would happily agree to a 36% cut in my timetable... as long as it wasn't replaced by anything. 'Cept maybe a wee bitta slacking.

Solidarity, rich.

The Gentleman Loser said...

Wise words. Good luck at the doctor's by the way.